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Poster Designer & Educator

Anna Klos

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Born in Warsaw. She specializes in poster design, book design and non-commercial collages. She finished her diploma in poster and graduated with honors in 1999 under professor Julian Pałka and professor Mieczysław Wasilewski. In the same year she has begun her didactic work. In 2007 she got her phD degree at Art Faculty of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin for defending her doctoral thesis ‘Dadaist collage as an inspiration for my artwork’.

In 2002-2010 she worked with the publishing company Bertelsmann Media where she designed hundreds of book covers and layouts mainly for high-volume titles. She took part in numerous contests and group exhibitions. Since 2008 she has been teaching graphic design and giving lectures on history of graphic design in Warsaw School of Information Technology. Since 2010 she has acted as proxy of the dean at the Graphic Design faculty, she is also a member of the Senate of the University and of the Faculty Council for the term 2013-17 and 2017-21. In 2012 she received the Medal of the National Education Commission. In 2017 she was in the jury of International Poster Competition ‘Escucha mi Voz’ organized in Mexico under the patronage on UNESCO and in 2018 she was in the jury of international poster contest Ecuador Poster Bienal. She is a member of China International Design Educator Association (C-IDEA). Her professional interests include not only poster but also contemporary painting, graphics and art market. She is the founder and owner of Retroavangarda Gallery in Warsaw, Poland. In 2019 Anna Kłos became a curator to a second gallery – WIT Gallery in Warsaw located in the building of the school she works at.
WIT Gallery’s main goal is to present pieces of students and professors by organizing international exhibitions.


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