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Graphic Designer and

Onish Aminelahi

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Onish Aminelahi,  Iranian Graphic Designer & Iranian Photographer, was born in 1972 at Bahar Street in Tehran. He went to Chakavak school at Andishe street and graduated from high school in Zafar. Since he loved Art so much, he refused studying Veterinary Medicine in college although he was accepted to do so. After passing military service, he entered university in 1993 to study Graphics in Azad university of Art and Architecture. He founded Hamrang studio with some of his friends in 1996 and started advertising business. He was the first to defend his thesis in a place other than university and in IGDS’s office (Iranian Graphics Designers’ Society) which was located in Qobad Shiva’s office at that time. He started his master’s degree in Tarbiat Modares university in 1998. Onish became a member of IGDS Since 2002, and was a member of board and treasurer to IGDS board during 20012-2015. He has been working with various cultural and commercial businesses such as banks, Insurances, food industries and so on since then. Also has conducted creative management for some major companies in Iran. Social messages like Peace, Environment, Elimination of Racial Discrimination, women’s rights and etc. have always been of Onish’s great concern and he constantly shows his concern with designing social posters about what happens in the world. His posters have been appreciated in different national and international exhibitions. He participated in many group exhibitions both inside and outside of Iran and in cities like Kharkov, Lima, Milan, Turin, Hong Kong, Lahti, San Francisco, Paris, La Loyer, Portland, Seoul, …He also conducted some solo exhibitions in cities such as Ankara (Turkey), Tehran,Mashhad and etc. He has been teaching master classes and holding workshops about idea and creativity in many cities such as Tehran, Tabriz, Kerman, Ardabil, Semnan, Mashhad,…Onish has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and contests as a juror or selection committee and has published many articles in the media. He has been teaching as a professor in many workshops and universities so far.


Participating in different solo and group domestic and international Exhibitions such as:

• Art for Peace, Iranian Artists’ Poster’s Exhibition, United Nations Office, Geneva, 2017

• “Persian Garden” Iranian Poster Exhibition, Michigan, USA, 2017

• Solo Social Poster Exhibition, Fine Art faculty of “Hacehtepe University” in Ankara, Turkey, 2014

• 18th International Poster Biennial Lahti, 2011

• Solo poster exhibition in “Koohsangi” Cultural Center, Mashhad, Iran, 2009

• Solo cinema poster exhibition,Vije Corp. Tehran, Iran, 2009

• “Cancer: hope and life” poster exhibition, Lima, Peru, 2009

• “Political posters” group poster exhibition, USA, 2007

• 9th Tehran International poster biennial, 2007

• “Anti aids” group poster exhibition, Ukraine, 2006

• Conducting First and second “PosNeg” Group’s Poster Exhibition, 2004 and 2006

• The first International Biennial of the Islamic World Poster, 2004

• “Un cri persan” the 3rd Exhibition of the Iranian graphic designers, La Louviere, Belgium,2003

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