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International Cancer Week Poster Exhibition

Hand in hand we will bring hope


The number of people living with cancer has been increased globally amongst all age groups during past few years. Lots of people have lost the battle to cancer and there are some who have won this fight and managed to get back to their normal lives. The secret weapon of these brave people and their families is hope and their passion for life. But of course, the impact of financial and environmental conditions shall not be neglected.

Fortunately, there are many establishments founded by specialists and volunteers around the world to raise awareness and help these people with their financial and mental needs and provide them with the necessary and related education.

Amongst all charitable acts to help people living with cancer, artists have always been more active and they have Impressed the society by presenting their artworks in different fairs and auctions.

Some below given topics relating to urban aesthetics can be guiding within this context:

  • Cancer & Families

  • Cancer & Hope

  • Cancer Patients ( Man, Woman, Kids… )

  • Cancer and Nutrition

  • Cancer and Environment




    • The competition is open to all national and international designers.

    • Each participant may participate with a maximum of three design.

    • All the designers participating in the contest are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the contest and selection committee evaluation.

    • The designs presented should be original

    • not participated in another competition and not published anywhere else with any justification

    • The designers participating in the contest are deemed to agree, declare and undertake that the designs belong to themselves.

    • The designers participating in the contest are not going to pay a participation fee and are not demand participation payment.

    • Designs which are understood to be copied by the Selection Committee will remain out of competition.

  • Designs should be sent via email address: at the latest 24:00 Mar 20, 2017

  • All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.



  • Poster designs will be designed in digital environment

  • Cancer week poster logo must be used at designs. Slogans can be used optionally.

  • Poster designs must be uploaded size of 8268 x 11811 pixel (100×70 cm), Vertical, 300 dpi resolution, RGB image type, and JPG format.

  • The maximum allowable file size for each poster design work is 20 MB.



Competition Start Date: Feb 14, 2017

Deadline: Mar 20, 2017

jury Evaluation Date: Mar 21 – Apr 1, 2017

Announcement Date: Apr 5, 2017

Exhibition: Apr 14, 2017

Results that determined by the selection committee will be announced at and the contest page.



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