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International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda–Francisco Mantecón Competition

Deadline: 30/09/2017

During the meeting held on 21 December 2001 a decision was adopted which reads as follows: "The Board of Directors of Bodegas Terras Gauda, S.A., has unanimously agreed to set up an Advertising Poster Design Competition as a tribute to the artist who was not only solely responsible for the design of the corporate image, but also been a friend, efficient collaborator and partner since the creation of the Company. The winning original will form the basis for the Company's advertising campaign for a two years period".

Terras Gauda Wineries and the Vigo Port Authority are once again the proud sponsors of the enormous and prestigious communications project that the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda–Francisco Mantecón Competitionhas become. In an effort to establish a permanent connection between the competition and the city of Vigo and Galicia, both parties have signed a collaborative agreement which will allow the Port of Vigo (one of the most important in the world) to serve as a biannual showcase for avant garde international art through the annual exhibition of the original Competition entries. The Port will also host meetings of the panel of judges and be the site of the award ceremony.

  • · Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo

  • · Secretaría Xeral de Cultura (Xunta de Galicia)

  • · Turismo de Galicia (Xunta de Galicia)


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