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Graphic designer,
Master's tutor, Visiting professor

XU Kai

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  • Member of CEIDA(China Europe International Design Culture Association)

  • Founder/Creative Director of Shanghai SINODesign Co.

  • Poster works in Germany, the United States, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China more than 30 countries, such as the poster exhibition of selected or winning the prize.



Some Awards:

  • International Jury Honorary Award / Organizing Committee Prize in the 11th International Eco-Poster Triennial “The 4th Block” (Ukraine)

  • Honorary Mention in the 21st Lahti International Poster Triennial (Finland) ,

  • Grand Prix in the 4th Open Distance Contest of Decorative and Applied Art 2021 (Ukraine),

  • Gold Award in the 2th Intercontinental Poster Competition United States 2022、

  • Second Place in the Golden Turtle XV ECO-Posters Contest 2021 (Russia),

  • Silver Award in the 1th Intercontinental Poster Competition United States 2021、

  • Silver Award in IOAF 2020 (International Ocean Art Festival Korea) ,

  • Bronze Award in the Cartoon Caricature and Poster International Contest (Iran),

  • Bronze Award in the 4th Shenzhen Int’l Poster Festival 2020 (China),

  • Selected in the 13th International Poster Triennial in Toyama 2021 (Japan),

  • First prize in Jiangsu Poster Design Competition 2020 (China),

  • First prize in Jinyuan Tourism Design Competition 2020 (China),

  • Excellent Award in GDC Award 21 (China),

  • Excellent Award in the International Poster Biennale for Peace Nanjing 2021(China),

  • Excellence Award in the 3rd Exhibition of Contemporary International Ink Design (China),

  • Top 10 in Green Season International Poster Exhibition 2021 (Iran)

  • Top 10 Outstanding Award in Jiangnan Context Int’l Poster Invitation Exhibition 2019 (China)

  • Top25 in Anfachen Award IV (Germany)

  • Top30 in the International Poster Competition for City/Nature 2022 (Poland)

  • Top30 in Poznan International Poster Competition 2020 (Poland),

  • Top 50 in the 10th International Poster Contest Escucha Mi Voz 2021 (Mexico)

  • Top 53 in the 10th International Poster Competition Lem Land 2021 (Poland)

  • Top89 in the 5th International Poster Exhibition Leipzig 2020 (Germany)

  • Top100 in the International Reggae Poster Contest 2021/2022

  • Top100 in Madrid Grafica 21(Spain)

  • Top100 in BIOPHILIA Poster Competition (USA)

  • Top100 in UN“Zero Discrimination Day”2020 International Poster Design Exhibition

  • Selected in Peru Design Biennial 2021

  • Selected in Poster Fest 03 Budapest 2021

  • Selected in 11th Poster Triennial Trnava 2022 (Slovakia)

  • Selected in Ecuador Poster Biennial 2022

  • Selected in the 4th We want Jazz Poster Competition (Poland)

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