Amir Hosseinzadeh


Amir is an internationally recognized social awareness poster designer. Born in Iran, he received a bachelor in Communication and public relation (Iran Islamic Azad University) and a masters degree in Graphic design from the University of Turkey(Yeditepe University).


The concepts of his posters are paramount to his visuals, and his work communicates strong and meaningful messages with humanity at the core of his designs.

Didem Catal


Designer Didem Catal was born in Denizli in. She has her BA degree from the Graphic Department of Hacettepe University and MA degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences in 1992. In 2008, she has received proficiency in arts degree from the same department. The designer is working as Head of Department of the Graphic Design in Faculty of Fine Arts of Çanakkale University since 2011 and currently continues her academic and artistic works in the same university. The designer has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi


Visual Designer / Columnist / Founder and Creative Director of Graphic Stories Cyprus

Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi works as Visual Designer since 1999, under the name "makad ”.

Ekdoseis” group, for the AttikesShe studied graphic design in AKTO, Athens - Greece, having gained a strong background in printed and digital communication and in advertising. She worked with advertising companies, as a freelancer and with large print-shops of Athens. She worked as an Assistant Art Director at the “technology oriented magazine PC Magazine. She has also worked with pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Pharmanel, Menarini, UCB etc.

She believes in the effectiveness of teamwork and personal and professional development through continuing education. She completed a three-year training program in Interior Design together with an annual educational program in Business Administration. She is a founding member of the Greek community of Visual communication designers VCDC - "Visual Communication Designers' Club". Since July 2014 she maintains the regular column "Grafistories aka Graphic Stories" in the cultural supplement of the newspaper "Politis", on graphic design and Visual communication. The articles are also hosted at the blog makad.cy. She likes to share her passion and knowledge for design and is always willing to offer to the community.

Aggeliki is Founder and Creative Director of Cyprus Visual communication Designers Meeting, "Graphic Stories Cyprus", with the aim of imparting knowledge and specialized technical training as well as exploring the contemporary trends of graphic design.

Zara Sarichloo

News Coordinator

Zahra sarichloo, born in Karaj province of Tehran (Iran).

In 2013- 2014  graduated from the faculty Editorial graphic " fine arts academy Of Rome ".

In 2015 - 2016 master Graphics and Photography " Fine Arts Academy of Rome".

Currently graphic designer and illustrator freelancer in Rome.