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Agnieszka Ziemiszewska

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Agnieszka Ziemiszewska is a graphic designer, educator, and art curator. She designs posters, publications, visual identifications as well as social art projects.

Agnieszka regards art not only as a communication and intervention tool but also as an area of unlimited experimentation. Selflessness and freedom, seen as a state in which one does not assume or exclude anything, are the values she considers to be essential in art.

Agnieszka first built her career working as an independent designer creating visual identification systems. Currently, she focuses on experimental, non-commercial, educational and research projects.

Agnieszka actively participates in international competitions and shows dedicated to graphic design. Her works have been presented all over the world. Notably, her works were shown at the International Poster

Biennale in Warsaw, Moscow, Bolivia, Mexico, Tehran, China, Italy, Ecuador, the Triennial of Poster in Lahti, Trnava, Hong Kong, the Triennial of Political Poster in Mons in Belgium, the International Poster Festival in Shenzhen, the International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia, the Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, the Dubai Design Week, the Beijing International Design Week and the Ogaki Poster Museum in Japan.

Her works were also shown at solo exhibitions in South Korea, Hungary, Indonesia and Poland.

Agnieszka has been awarded numerous distinctions.

Agnieszka is a lecturer at the Faculty of the New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, where she used to lead the Typography Studio for several years and currently heads the Visual Communication Studio. Agnieszka has lead workshops and lectures at international events and universities. In the past few years she has conducted projects in France, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, the Netherlands, Indonesia, South Korea, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Iran and Germany.

Agnieszka has been part of juries in national and international graphic design competitions.

She has also curated and co-organized multiple exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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