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Graphic Designer / Curator

Xuwei Zhang

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  • Japan Graphic Design Association  China Members

  • China Europe International Design Culture Association(CEIDA)  Managing Director

  • Member of Zhejiang Artists Association

  • Director of Design Art Committee of Jiaxing City Art Association

  • Visiting Professor, School of Science and Technology, Ningbo University

  • Visiting Professor, School of Design, Shenyang Institute of Technology

  • Founder of Zhejiang Zhongtian Culture Co., Company



He has been engaged in brand building and service, commercial design for 28 years, focusing on the in-depth study of poster creation and expression in the context of Eastern culture. His works have been honored in over 300 international and domestic professional exhibitions and competitions in more than 30 countries, and he has curated several international, national and provincial poster design exhibition competitions.


Professional Exhibition Competition Honors


BICeB International Poster Biennial, Bolivia

Quadrennial International Poster Exhibition, Valljordev, Slovakia

GRANSHAN Germany Non-Latin Typography Competition Honorable Mention

ANFACHEN Spark International Poster Design Award, Germany

The 4th Asia. Shanghai International Biennial of Graphic Design

International Poster Triennial in Slovakia



12th Toyama International Poster Triennial, Japan

Poland Horruf Poster Festival

4th Leipzig International Poster Biennial Exhibition

3rd Shenzhen International Poster Festival

2nd Contemporary International Ink and Wash Design Exhibition, Beijing International Design Week

The First China Print Art and Design Biennial Silver Award

The Second Budapest International Poster Festival, Hungary



Lublin International Poster Biennial

Macau Design Awards

Macau 20th Anniversary Poster Exhibition Lotus Award

Nanjing International Peace Poster Biennial Award of Excellence

3rd International "Organ Transplantation" Poster Design Competition, Turkey

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award

International Poster Competition for the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee

14th International Triennial of Political Posters in Mons, Belgium

Top 100 Poster Festival in Chorzów, Poland

Poznan International Graphic Festival - Image-Text Poster Exhibition, Poland



4TH BLOCK" Ecological International Poster Triennial in Ukraine

Golden Tortoise Award 2020, Russia

5th International Poster Biennale Leipzig, Germany

14th Golden Bee International Biennial of Graphic Design, Russia

15th International Eco-Poster Triennial in Žilina, Slovakia Jury Prize

17th Rzeszów International Theatre Poster Biennale, Poland

2020 Mexico International Poster Biennial

6th Moscow International Poster Competition 2020

4th International Poster Exhibition "Madrid Grafica 20", Spain TOP10

21st Lahti International Poster Triennial, Finland



2021 Tokyo TDC selected

The 27th Warsaw International Poster Biennial, Poland

2020 Shenzhen International Poster Festival

2021 Bolivia International Poster Biennial

2021 The 13th Toyama International Poster Triennial, Japan

2021 Odessa 4th International Theatre Poster Design Competition Bronze Award

2021Jazz in Ruins Poster Festival, Poland

2021Moscow International Poster Competition

2021BIPB Korea 2021 International Poster Art Biennale

2021Baljordev International Poster Quadrennial, Slovakia

2021Budapest International Poster Biennale

2020 Hong Kong International Poster Triennial Jury Prize

2021Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Merit Award

2021Turkey TAKE A STEP TOWARDS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN International Design Competition Gold Award

2121 The 5th International Poster Biennial, Lublin, Poland



2nd Cyprus Poster Triennial

15th Golden Bee Poster Design Biennale

10th Sofia International Poster Triennial

Main curatorial projects:


2019 Zhejiang Urban Art Biennial (Lead Curator)

2019 Lithuania "Chinese Character Phenomenon" International Poster Design Invitation Exhibition (co-curator)

2019 Beijing International Design Week International Design Exhibition of Ink and Pattern Collection (co-curator)

2020 "Temperature of the City" International Poster Invitation Exhibition on Anti-epidemic (lead curator)

2021, 2022 Zodiac China University Design Competition (co-curator)

2022 First International Poster Design Exhibition on Silk Culture (Lead Curator)

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