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6th Iran International Green Poster

Deadline: 20/06/2017

The 6th Iran International Green Film Festival (IIGFF6) is slated for July 22-28, 2017, with the objectives of recognizing, screening and awarding the best national and international films and visual arts aimed at protecting the environment, natural resources, increasing public awareness and promoting the culture of environmental preservation.

Entries should have contents in accordance to the culture and principles of preserving the environment and sustainable development, have a release date of January 1st, 2014 and onwards, and participate in the Iran International Green Film Festival for the first time. The complete details of the festival’s bylaw and the criteria for accepting films and artworks that should be respected by participants are available on the festival’s website.

IIGFF6 will have “Green Economy” as its main theme, focusing on “Sustainable Cities”, “Sustainable Tourism” and “Clean Energy”.

Films and artworks that are related to the mentioned theme will have priority over other submitted works. Although films and artworks covering other subjects related to the environment will also have the chance to participate and win.

The 6th Iran International Green Film Festival consists of competitive and non-competitive sections as presented below:

• International Competition of IIGFF6

A- Cinema Section

– Long Fiction Films (More than 50 minutes) – Short Fiction Films (Less than 30 minutes) – Long Documentary Films (More than 30 minutes) – Short Documentary Films (Less than 30 minutes) – Animations – Experimental Films

B: Visual Arts Section: – Photography – Caricature – Graphic Design – Illustration – Conceptual Art – Video Art – Digital Art

Quality and dimensions of graphic design, illustration, caricature and photography artworks Graphic section: Send your works in 100×70, resolution of 100 DPI and TIF format. Imagery section: Send your works in 40 cm width, resolution of 150 DPI and TIF format. Digital art section: Send your works in 40 cm width, resolution of 150 DPI and TIF format. Photography section: Send your works in 50 cm width, resolution of 150 DPI and TIF format.

Visual art works will be accepted in accordance with the following definitions:

Graphics: poster design

Conceptual art: a branch of visual art in which the existing concept or idea expressed in the work of art is prior to the usual aesthetics or material used to make it. In this branch the conceptual idea is the most important aspect of that work which contains:

– Decoration: improvisation based on environmental conditions – Performance art: expression and presentation of an idea in a ceremony. – Narrative art: narration in the environment to show the impact of an event. – Land art: to express a concept through creation in outdoor and nature -Happening art: to make a concept through a happening in environment and its consequences. – Process art: to present a concept using transitory substances and record the process by photography. – Video art: a branch of art based on moving pictures in an audiovisual medium. – Digital art: the art of using computer and digital devices to make works of art, this art is created by computers and different soft wares in digital formats.

Submission of Films and Artworks in IIGFF6

1- Enrolling for the IIGFF6 competition is only possible through the internet. Hence all applicants should fill the special application form to be found in the festival’s website and receive their unique tracking/registration code. Evidently, registering for the festival means that all the rules and regulations of participation have been accepted by the participant.

2- All works of the cinema and video arts sections should be sent by mail to the secretariat of 6th Iran International Green Film Festival at the following address, by May 21, 2017:

If the submitted movie has been uploaded on the web, the link to the site with the related password should be sent via email together with the tracking code received and a picture of the applicants ID to the festival’s secretariat at and the applicant will be informed about the following steps consequently.

The code should be written on the package in a seeable manner. Mailing expenses are to be paid by the applicant and the festival secretariat will not accept any responsibility for the artworks and films until delivered to the festival’s secretariat.

3- The deadline for entry submissions of visual arts’ competition is May 21, 2017. Artworks, along with the registration code should be sent via e-mail to:

4-The original high-quality version of films and video artworks that are selected for the competition, should be submitted to the festival’s secretariat by June 22, 2017. Any submission after the mentioned date will not be accepted for the competition.

5- In exceptional special circumstances, all decisions about accepting submissions, probable changes in regulations and other issues will be made by the Director of the 6th Iran International Green Film Festival and participants have to respect these decisions.

6- The complete description of the rules and regulations of the festival is available on the festival’s website.

7- Please avoid submitting your works to the festival’s secretariat in person.

Call for Cooperation The festival’s executive board is ready to cooperate with professors, experts, artists, private and governmental organizations, sponsors and activists of different fields of sustainable development at national and international levels.

IIGFF6 Contact Information: Address of Secretariat: No. 36, 1st Floor, East 35th Alley(Saraf Nejad), Sarafha St., Darya Boulevard, Modiriat Bridge, Sa’adat Abad, Tehran, Iran. Telephone number: +9821-88680969 Fax Number: +9821-88680925 Email:


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