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Radicalization 1st International Poster Biennale 2023

The College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad in the Republic of Iraq recently hosted the first International Poster Biennale. The exhibition was curated by Dr. Raqee S. Najmuldeen and Dr. Mutaz Ismail and sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Dr. Mudad Ajeel. The theme of the exhibition was "Radicalization."

The exhibition attracted 109 designers and visual artists from around the world, in addition to local designers. Invitations were sent to several foreign professional designers, and the role was also given to novice designers and students of design. The exhibition's visual identity was designed by Iranian graphic designer Ghazal Hosseini.

After the deadline for receiving works, the curators selected the works that met their criteria, which included the exclusion of repetitive or traditional ideas, as well as those that were far from the theme of the exhibition. The shortlist of the participants whose works were selected was announced in a post on Facebook.

The posters were printed in high quality, measuring 50 by 70 cm, and installed on mobile stands, with each poster on its own stand. The ideas of the participating posters varied, with some designers dealing with radicalism politically, and some dealing with it economically, religiously, healthily, etc.

The exhibition lasted for three days and ended on the third day with a closing ceremony in which appreciation certificates were distributed to local designers and students. Certificates were sent to designers outside Iraq by e-mail.

Although the budget allocated for the exhibition was not enough to award the first three winners a financial prize, the exhibition received a wide response on social networks, and the designers interacted with it as it was the first event in 2023 for them. They were also proud of their participation being in Iraq, which added diversity to their posts in different countries around the world.

The exhibition was the first international exhibition in the colleges of fine arts in Iraq, and it was called a Biennale because the curators intend to hold it every year. The event was a significant milestone in the world of art and design in Iraq, and it demonstrated the potential for further development in this field. The success of the exhibition has encouraged the organizers to continue their efforts in promoting and supporting young artists and designers in Iraq and around the world.


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