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Beijing Opera Art International Poster Biennale

Out of 1196 posters submitted for the biennale, the International Jury has selected 200 pieces to present them online, at exhibitions and in a catalogue. The exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery is the first one of planned postcontest exhibitions. The next exhibits on the topic will happen in 2023 in Centrum Spotkania Kultur in Lublin (as a part of International Poster Biennale Lublin),, in China and in Mexico. For the exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery in Warsaw, the curators have chosen the best 80 posters by renowned poster artists. Each of them, through the lens of their talents, illustrated the traditional Chinese opera in a different way. The exhibition is thus an overview of the diversity of styles in contemporary poster and a reference to the traditions of Chinese culture.

Beijing Opera is the most famous form of Chinese opera, a classical national theater. It formed in the middle of 19th century and in 2010 it was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Beijing Opera is based on symbolism and allegory. The time and place of action is usually set by music, while decorations are brought to a minimum. The actors use symbolic props and so for example a whip held in hand means horse riding, a paddle – river crossing, banners held behind back – commanding a military unit. The function and position in hierarchy of a person is shown through costumes, while masks reflect the character. A red mask symbolizes an honest person, white – a liar, yellow – a warrior, while golden was reserved for deities. These and many other symbols of Peking Opera can be found at the exhibition presented in Retroavangarda Gallery.

Organizers: Retroavangarda, International Poster Biennale Lublin, WIT Szkoła Wyższa pod auspicjami PAN, Guangxi Normal University Press, Art A&B, Apollo Rida.

List of artists selected for the exhibition at the Retroavangarda Gallery in Warsaw: Agnieszka Węglarska, Aram Huerta, Cai Junhui, Carlos Andrade, Chang Linlin, Chen Jie, Chen Yonglan, Zhou Xinyi, Chia Hsiang Lee, Chia-Hui Lien, Chunyu Lee, David Blaiklock, David Torrents, Dong Jin, Du Huanhuan, Li Mingliang, Enci Chen, Erin Wright, Ersan Sarıkahya, Ferenc Kiss, Fidel Pena, Gang Cao, Shiting Liu, Gary Tong, German Jimenez, Ghazal Hosseini, Gitte Kath, Guo Yu, Peng Linyan, Zhang Yuan, He Bingsong, Huan Xiang, Huizhou Li, István Horkay, Ivan Misic, Ivette Valenzuela, Jaime Nieto, Jan Rajlich Jr, Jiahui He, Ke Yi, Kathiana Cardona, Keith Kitz, Lampo Leong, Lech Mazurek, Lex Drewiński, Li Jiancheng, Li Lu, Li Qilong, Lin Hung Chang, Lin Kuisen, Tang Jiao, Linlin Chang, Lisa Winstanley, Lu Xing, Luo Rongbiao, Martin Mendelsberg, Masoud Saffari, Mirosław Pawłowski, Monika Starowicz, Ovidiu Hrin, Pang Xingshao, Patrycja Longawa, Paweł Pacholec, Rashid Rahnama, Rikke Hansen, Scott Laserow, Sebastian Smit, Sha Feng, Shaofei Zhang, Shi Qi-xin, Shuting Wang, Stanislav Stankoci, Tirso Ceazar Pons, Wang Siyu, Wesam Mazhar Haddad, Wojciech Osuchowski, Wu Pengzai, Xuejun Song, Xurina, Xuwei Zhang, Yang Bo, Yao Jiaxu, Yaoqi Li, Yecoir Zhao, Yuan Xuening, Zbigniew Latała, Zhang Keqing, Zhang Keqing, Zhang Qingshuang, Zhang Zeshan, Zuobiao Peng.



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