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Plaktivat #16: Adolescents’ distress

TAM-TAM Institute, in collaboration with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth and TOM Phone, is launching an international socially responsible poster contest to encourage young people to speak out about their distress.

Conceptual design and implementation: TAM-TAM INSTITUTE

Participants: Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth / TOM phone

Medium: TAM-TAM city posters

Deadline for applications: 17 November 2023

Project: Plaktivat 16 – Adolescents’ distress

Plaktivat is an international socially responsible contest, an activator of social awareness, inviting people to create urban posters and encouraging positive social change. The contest, which started in 2015, is now held once a year and open to designers and design teams from around the world. Students can also enter the Fresh Blood category at the same time. Entries are judged by two expert juries of internationally renowned creatives and designers.

Challenges faced by youth have become increasingly serious and worrisome in recent years, accompanied by a pervasive silence as the data reveals that 40% of young people do not confide in anyone about their problems. Problems left unaddressed can lead to a gradual deterioration in mental health and interpersonal relationships. The central focus of this creative challenge is to promote dialogue, which may indeed be the most difficult, yet a very important first step in addressing these struggles.

The nationwide “TOM travels and visits children” campaign asked pupils to tell them which topics they dare not or cannot talk about with their parents or other adults. Among over 10,000 anonymous accounts, just 5% of pupils said they had no problems or were able to share and solve their problems with their parents. The remaining 95% of pupils’ accounts show that they cannot confide in their parents about their problems or do not dare to talk to them regarding what is bothering them. Young people are hindered in seeking help by the feelings of loneliness, shame, and fear of negative reactions from their social network, peers, and community, as well as doubts about the effectiveness of mental health professionals.

Growing up is a sensitive and vulnerable time during which young people are confronted with many choices, challenges and influences that often make them feel vulnerable, confused, sad, angry and even lost. This means every child and young person needs an opportunity to talk about their distress in a relaxed way.

Link for Application:


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