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SPEAK UP POSTER! Collective of Designers and Illustrators whose objective is to promote Social Mobility in all its areas. The project is an initiative when the graphic designer Luis Yañez makes contact with designers and illustrators from other parts of the world with the same social concerns. He has the support of designers from other parts of the world promoting this project.

And he works with graphic designer Celso Arrieta Zambrano in the organization and presentation of this project.

Invite 50 graphic designers from different parts of the world to design a poster with the theme proposed for this first edition of SPEAK UP POSTER!

SPEAK UP POSTER! Will present in its first edition an international exhibition of 50 posters by 50 designers with the theme "DANGEROUS WORLD NOW, A BETTER WORLD TOMORROW!", will publish a catalog of the collection for international distribution and generate financial resources for the project to become self-sustaining and independent , Will also seek the cooperation of different international organizations for the support and dissemination of this initiative.

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