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International Invitational Poster Exhibition LIFE TREE 2018

LIFE TREE: International invitational poster exhibition

Our world is facing various serious problems in different social and coexistence context.Accordingly, to become more familiar, preventing and notifying these social problems in society, we performance cultural and art activities inform the media, that is known as Poster which is one of the most modern media tools nowadays.

In this regard, Tabriz & Arak City in partnership proudly invite you dear designers for participating in international poster exhibition titled as “ LIFE TREE” in Tabriz and Arak city in 2018.Our subject is”ENVIRONMENT”.

The main aim of our exhibition is to portray people the beauty and warning about effects of the cultural, environmental and natural crisis. we intend to improve designers creativity and progress by exhibition as well as we construct a better way in order to discuss and use your personal experience.

Subject: ENVIRONMENT included:(air pollution, cutting down the tree, water shortage, automobiles, exploitation of natural resource and act.


21st March 2018


Exhibition Managers:

Dariush Allahyari & Hamid Nejati


@hamid_nejati0918 @dariush.allahyari

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