“Awareness” Solo Poster Exhibition, Ivan Ciro palomino

After winning the 2016 UN-organized world competition "Carteles por la Paz" [Posters for Peace], the Peruvian illustrator, Ivan Ciro Palomino, will unveil his second individual exhibition titled, "AWARENESS" on 17 April, 2018."The exhibition, composed of 16 illustrations, seeks to escape from the moor that dehumanizes us, from that monster that feeds on the terror provoked by each act of war. What are we doing to change it? Humanity may not yet be aware, but we have the means to end this, and the time is now. It is time to rid ourselves of the darkness and find solutions of hope for the world, where we want to live in peace and equality," says the visual artist, who this year also won two prizes from UNESCO.World Renown Artist, Eduardo Tokeshi’s comments about the exhibition:Ivan Ciro Palomino is a storyteller disguised as an illustrator. Through his work, he shows us the bad direction we are headed towards as a planet, stuck in between indifference and blindness. He utilizes elements of surprise and impact that turn the spectator into his prey. He sets visual traps, like the image in which a ship is transformed into a Jurassic crocodile. Ivan knows how to synthesize his ideas with mastery, and expresses them with a sort of stroke of conscience filled with humanity and compassion.

Ciro’s workshop is his untiring mind; his raw material is a world full of violence and pollution, and his graphic work - in addition to a call for action - is a combination of fine visual poetry, accurate constructions, and metamorphosis of ideas. It is, as we said at the beginning, a story where the ending leaves us unarmed and attentive to the mastery of the artist.

A SEQUENCE OF AWARENESS By winning the prize of the UN (2016) and UNESCO (2017), the artist began to make a series of illustrations with themes of war and its consequences, climate change, lack of water in Africa, among others. Thus achieving his first solo exhibition in Lima in November. 2017, called "Conscience and a new hope" For 2018 the artist focused on a specific theme related to war and its consequences. Thanks to the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations, it is possible to make its first sample outside the country, with 16 illustrations of 90x60 cm, which will be presented at the United Nations by the framework of the Presidency of Peru in the Security Council.

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