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The Subject's Look, The Object's Gaze

Balıkesir University International Illustration Biennial is organised for the first time this year by BAUN Fine Arts Faculty Graphic Arts Department. This Biennial celebrates artists, designers and art lovers from our country and other countries; It is an activity that brings together the idea of looking, seeing, expression and illustration as a form of dialogue.

Balıkesir University International Biennial of Illustration aims to create a ground for new ideas and discussionsa by creating a cultural platform which will bring illustration designers, artists, students and art lovers together.

The concept of the 2022 Biennial is determined as "the subject's look, the objects's gaze". Are the things we see and the things we look at same? Looking and seeing from the past to the present has been one of the most indispensable actions of human beings. According to Lacan; "When the subject looks at an object is always already gazing back at the subject, but form a point at which the subject cannot see it".

So how can, the act of seeing from the side of the object and/or what we look at and see in terms of graphic arts, be created in an illustration?

Event Dates and Venue

Participation: 15 October 2022

Exhibiton Date: 05 November - 05 December 2022

Exhibition Place: Balıkesir University Faculty of Fine Arts Virtual Gallery

Balıkesir University Inter


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