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International Invitational Poster Exhibition "COLOR OF LOVE" 2018

Color of Love: International invitational poster exhibition Dedicated to children stricken by earthquake in Kermanshah

Language of images in an era in which nobody can understand the meaning of words, is the closest aspect by which human beings can communicate with each other in the current world filled with pains and deaths. That is why the image represents a common dimension of human beings - common sufferings, common calamities and death. Knowing the notion of Humanity is the concept that connects humans to each other. Humanity can be defined as helping others, humanitarian measures and union; therefore, color of skin, nationality and ethnicity is not important in this dimension.

Having said these things, we provide you with an example. Example of children of Kermanshah. So, We knit our hands and bring their sufferings in the images. We made decision on putting up posters in order to show a visual image. A visual image which can represent our union against pains of earthquakes. See the posters as a person who is looking for a sympathetic friend. Subject: The exhibition is about love and affection between humans. It's about sympathy, help and support. Simorgh community center of Neyshabour - Khorasan Razavi - Iran 3 March 2018

And you can send 2 posters.

Exhibition Manager:

Rman Saboori


1st March 2018



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