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Deadline: June 22, 2018

Poster design competition – Let books sweep you away

TAM-TAM in collaboration with the institute for non-profit communication DIVJA MISEL hereby opens the tenth PLAKTIVAT competition in designing a city poster on the following topic:


The goal of this communication is to remind people that book reading is a forgotten pleasure. Participation in the competition is free of charge. The competition is open to all creators, individuals as well as agencies and companies, who want to help create our common living environment. Entries will be accepted until the end of day 22 June 2018; the winning poster will be displayed on 500 poster locations across Slovenia and entered into competition portions of the Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) and the Biennial of Slovenian Visual Communication.

With our attention glued to our screens, hasty lifestyles, and media’s oversimplified representation of the world, the voice of books is often drowned out. However, if we allow ourselves to be seduced by books, they can bring much beauty to our lives and help us combat the absurdities of everyday life.

Book reading enables us to enter other worlds and retreat from our own; it opens our minds and helps us master our thoughts and language. It fosters autonomous critical thinking, leads to greater mutual understanding and tolerance of differences. Reading leads us to generally reflect on the world and take an active role in it. It incites vibrancy of thought resulting in our active participation in society. Reading plays an important part in the healthy future of our society and the individual.

Today, book reading is increasingly perceived as a (school) obligation. Books are a source of guilty conscience to those who don’t read or those who read less then they themselves or others would like. Parents and teachers encourage children to read books but don’t make enough of an effort to address them by setting an example.

These days, when we are dominated by noise, disturbance, scattered thoughts, and lack of concentration, reading books can be a struggle, which demands us to make an effort and take a break physically. Yet those readers who reach for more demanding texts are rewarded with the capacity for abstract comprehension of the world, reflection on new messages, issues, and relationships as well as learning how to tackle them.

Though there is much talk about the consequences of poor reading culture and the positive effects book reading has on our society, little is said about the pleasure and added value book reading lends us personally as well as in a wider social context.

Deadline: midnight 22 June 2018.

Furteher information about content, aims and tehnical demands are available on:

For information about competition:

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