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Poster design Competition “NO EXCUSE”

Deadline: 2 November 2018

TAM-TAM INSTITUTE in cooperation with the Društvo SOS telefon society hereby announces the 11th International PLAKTIVAT Competition for a city poster design on the topic of “NO EXCUSE”.

The current communicative action addresses the issue of violence against women. This is one of the most widespread and hidden forms of human rights’ violations. It is grounded in unequal social relations between the genders, stems from the unfair distribution of personal and social authority between the genders, and arises from cultural environments and education systems. Violent behaviour is most often taught and passed from generation to generation. While women suffer different forms of violence, this communicative action focuses on partner violence.

Every one in two women falls victim to psychological violence and every one in four women to physical violence. The violence occurs behind closed doors; furthermore, women often hide the existence of violence in the family. The main reasons for this are fear, shame, feelings of guilt, economic dependency, and the assigning of great value to the image of “the perfect family”. Often, they simply have nowhere to go, or fail to see or recognise the option to do so.

Most often the turning point is reached, when a woman realizes her struggle to preserve her relationship with the instigator of violence works to her own detriment and/or the detriment of her children. At this point she seeks out help outside the relationship, demanding a right to her own life, and finally ends the relationship. This is often her only chance to lead a regular life without future violence and to stop the pattern of violent behaviour from being passed to the children.

The most widespread form of violence against women is psychological violence. It starts with possessive and controlling behaviour and manipulation, followed by insults, yelling, and threats.

Psychological violence often evolves into physical violence, which typically gradually increases. Some of the actions, which fall under the heading of physical violence are: slapping, beating, kicking, boxing, thrusting, hair pulling etc.

Violence is a method of exercising control over another; by use of physical, psychological, sexual, and economic violence, the perpetrator demonstrates their dominance.

Women often believe that the violence against them is their fault; however, the cause of the violence never lies with the victim, the responsibility lies always and exclusively with the perpetrator of the violence. Violent behaviour is a matter of the perpetrator’s choice; it can therefore not be excused by any behaviour on the part of the victim.

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