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Deadline: July 10th, 2017

COMPETITIONBACKGROUND Dumlupınar University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Visual Communication Design which has hosted many artistic activities of Turkey in national and international areas realized the "1st International Organ Donation Poster Competition" in 2015 with the "Turkish Transplant Foundation" which is a stakeholder organization. Successful designers and artists from all over the world have shown the importance of organ donation, which is the theme of the competition, with effective works they have prepared. The competition has been the first in the world by this theme. The catalog of works prepared after the competition has been distributed to thousands of foreign participants in scientific events organized abroad within the scope of the International Transplant Network (ITN) project coordinated by the Turkish Transplant Foundation. In addition, the catalog has been sent to all institutions related to art and design in Turkey. Apart from that, First 100 posters also have been shared in social media environments. Both designs and competition idea have been highly appreciated in international arena and community of transplantation. Also, It has once again shown the power of communication used in poster design at international level with the activities realized within the scope of this project, the designs, exhibitions and the catalog of works. It can be viewed detailed information, news about the competition and the catalog of works from The feedback from the competition has shown that this and similar studies should be continued in order to "increase public awareness on the international scene today that organ donation is a global problem". From this point on, we are carrying out the "2nd International Organ Donation Poster Competition", which is the continuation of this work we started together with "Turkish Transplant Foundation" in 2015. The award ceremony of the competition will be held at the Congress of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (, in Geneva on September 6-9, 2017, and the first 100 designs will be exhibited on the congress foyer.

PURPOSE OF COMPETITION The competition aims to raise public awareness of "Organ Donation" on the international scene and to provide with an opportunity for more patients waiting to return to life with transplantation.

INSTITUTIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS REGULATING POSTER COMPETITION Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design Department Turkish Transplant Foundation Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Visual Communication Design Department Turkish Transplant Coordinators Association Liver Transplantation Society

DATE AND PLACE OF THE EXHIBITION AND AWARD CEREMONY September 6-9, 2017, Geneva, SWITZERLAND CICG – International Conference Centre of Geneva 1 7 rue de Varembe, CH-1211 Geneva, CH-1211

THE SCOPE OF EXHIBITION The Exhibition will consist of first 100 poster designs which will be evaluated by Jury according to the competition rules and purpose. Regulatory Authority is authorized to decrease this number if it is needed.

IMPORTANT DATES Anouncement of Competition April 12th, 2017 Deadline of Competition July 10th, 2017 Jury Evaluation July 13-20, 2017 Announcement of First 100 Poster July 20-25, 2017 Final 100 poster July 31st, 2017 Award Ceremony and Exhibition September 6-9, 2017

AWARD CEREMONY AND PARTICIPANT OF EXHIBITION Turkish Transplant Foundation and Turkish Transplant Coordinators Association are responsible for the transportation, transfer, accommodation and food and beverage expenses included in the program of first three award winners (1,2,3) and three honorable mention award winners (4,5,6) to attend the award ceremonies and exhibitions to be held in Geneva.

COMPETITION PRIZES 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3 Honorable Mention (4th, 5th, 6th) Prizes will be given by Turkish Transplant Foundation. Turkish Transplant Foundation is the only responsible foundation about prizes. Furthermore, Encouragement Awards will be given by Istanbul Medeniyet University. Distribution of awards 1st Prize 6.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 2nd Prize 3.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 3rd Prize 2.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 4th Honorable Mention 1.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 5th Honorable Mention 1.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 6th Honorable Mention 1.000 TL and Achievement Certificate 7th Encouragement Award Art/Design Books and Achievement Certificate 8th Encouragement Award Art/Design Books and Achievement Certificate 9th Encouragement Award Art/Design Books and Achievement Certificate 10th Encouragement Award Art/Design Books and Achievement Certificate

USAGE OF THE NAMES AND LOGO OF THE INSTITUTIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT WILL BE SUPPORTED Logo and Logotype of supporter institution and organizations will be use on; a. Visual identity of activity (poster, awning and brochure), b. Exhibition catalog, c. News on visual and written media, d. Website and social media

COMPETITION JURY Competition posters will be evaluated by a total of 16 jurors, consisting of 8 academician from Turkey, one specialist from “Turkish Transplant Foundation” and also 7 academician from the different country of all around the World. Competition Jury will announce as soon as possible on (

TERMS AND CONDITIONS a. Participation in this contest is open to any individual from all over the World except jury and committee relatives. b. Poster sizes should meet 70x100 cm and high resolution ones. Wrong size will be eliminated. c. At the end of the competition, first 100 posters will be exhibited. d. There is no limitation related to colour and technique. But, posters must be CMYK offset printing technology. e. The last and original posters will be save as CMYK 300 dpi criteria and high resolution with converted fonts. f. It is certainly that please do not use any logo or institutions names on the poster! g. Every designer / artist will be participate with 3 new poster. Posters must be new and It must have never been displayed before. (include social media and Youtube) h. The nomination / application of the related work shall be canceled immediately in the event that the design of the application has already been exhibited and / or is found to have participated in any competition In case this is detected after winning the prize, Nominee will be liable to return the money award (with legal interest) and achievement / participation certificate. This detection process,continues with to published the first 100 posters ( on the website,hang the designs for 5 days,If there is an objection to the similarity or if it is determined, It will continue with the design being removed from the list and replaced with the design that follows it. Appeal period is given for 2 days for added designs or designs, The final result is declared if there is no objection. If it comes to appeal for added designs,the regulatory board decides whether or not to continuation with this process. i. Only posters which are the specified subject will be evaluated in the competition. j. The messages of poster on the poster might be native language. But at the same time, participants must be use English language. Otherwise, it will be out of evaluation. k. In posters, a verbal message (title, slogan, etc.) that supports visual design can be used. l. Sponsors for poster design shall not use Logo or visual for commercial purposes. Besides that, political, against human rights, sexual must have not included symbols and visuals. m. If Regulatory Board deems it necessary, They may be able to modify the contest calendar or cancel the contest at any time. n. All artists who participated in the competition and whose designs are worthy of exhibition, shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of this specification in advance.

APPLICATION Candidates who fulfill the conditions specified must upload their work to the website ( at the end of the period between April 12th - July 10th, 2017.


  1. The Selective Committee shall be conduct the evaluation online in the digital environment between dates July 13-20, 2017. Jury shall not be seen any information of user other than poster design during evaluation.

  2. The first 100 posters ( between July 20-25, 2017 dates shall be declared. In case the banners have an objection due to copy or high-rate similarity, the reasons for objections shall be evaluated by the organizing committee and, if appropriate, the protested designs shall be removed from the list, design / designs shall be added from the backup list and the announcement shall be made on July 26th, 2017. Two days shall be given to protest against these designs. In case the there is an objection to these designs the organizing committee shall decide whether to continue this process and hear the result on ( on July 31st, 2017.

COPYRIGHT At the end of the competition, the images of works deemed worthy of honor, is treated as if it were inherited as a simple license by Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Visual Communication Design and Organ Transplant Foundation of Turkey with all copyrights. Dumlupınar University Fine Arts Faculty Visual Communication Design Department and Turkey Organ Transplant Foundation and International Transplant Network shall have the right to use the stakeholder institutions and organizations will be able to display images of their worthy reward, mention, or exhibition; Posters, catalogs, brochures, etc. on internet pages with Dumlupınar University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Visual Communication Design and Organ Transplant Foundation of Turkey extension, television broadcasts, internet and social media sites, events and training activities. As specified in all related articles of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No 5846; Including without limitation the right to transmit, transmit, display, reproduce, broadcast, represent, sign, sound or display naked objects, as well as the right to use and display. The candidate declares, acknowledges and promises that he will not object to this matter and is already irrevocable to waive his right to resort to legal



  1. Candidates participating in the competition shall be deemed to have accepted all the conditions in this specification in advance as soon as they apply to participate in the competition.

  2. The decisions of Dumlupınar University Fine Arts Faculty Visual Communication Design Department and Turkish Transplant Foundation are valid in matters not specified in the specification or in case of doubt.

COMMUNICATION ( T: +90 505 461 22 19

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