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Poster Contest on Trust- Ukraine

Deadline: September 17, 2018


Biennale of Trust announces a poster contest on trust. Prize fund of the contest is 6 thousand Euros. Deadline for projects - September 17, 2018. Registration for participation in the contest until July 25, 2018. Details: Chairman of the Jury - Jacek Yagelsky, Vice-Rector of Poznań Academy of Arts (Poznan, Poland). The secretary of the jury is Bogdan Shumilovych, head of the "City Media Archive", Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (Lviv, Ukraine). THE ART OF TRUST To trust or not trust? Is art possible without trust - to the author, to the viewer, to the space it lives in? Is it possible to build a safe and reliable platform for the development of anything without trusting each other? We offer artists to comprehend these issues by taking part in the poster competition held within the Biennale of Trust (more on WHY A POSTER? This is one of the most concise, yet most effective artistic forms. The influence of the poster is literally tangible, it works here and now. Multidimensionality and multi-readability of any topic that is almost impossible to get in conversations and discussions is easily achieved through art. We invite not only professional poster authors, but also everyone who has creative ideas on a topic to participate in the competition. HOW WILL THIS GO? The artists submit applications for participation in the contest by July 25, create and send completed works in accordance with the requirements, no later than September 15. The jury carefully looks at all the works submitted in accordance with the requirements of the competition, and chooses the 30 best posters and three prizewinners. The Biennale of Trust prepares exhibitions of the best 30 works of the competition in the urban space of Lviv and other cities of Ukraine; awards three winners with the prizes. FINAL ENCOURAGEMENT We do not expect to get ready recipes. We only suggest to start a comprehension of the significance and presence of trust in everyday life, including the world of artistic imagery. Through the narrative of visual incarnations, we'll discover another, irrational way to understand the nature of trust and dis-trust, and new, perhaps unexpected opportunities for understanding. We believe that only through trust can a healthy and comfortable environment be created, in which not only creativity will successfully grow, but also the well-being, confidence in the future, understanding and peace. To trust is like to breathe: it's easy. Believe in trust!

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