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Deadline: November 11th, 2018

Love reflects one’s inner color of embracing everything and broad mind of respecting various opinions. As within, so without. Love endues one with the mercy for loving others as yourself, the wisdom of humility and empathy, and the internalization of peace and harmony.

The theme of “2018 International Taiwan Postar” competition is “Love. Peace”, The qualification is aimed at the students, and the Taiwan Poster Design Association (TPDA) will invite fifty international designers to create posters with the theme “Love. Peace”, holding an international symposium. Expecting to make impetus of communication between designers and students.

The submission starts on Sep. 19, 2018 (Wed.) to Nov. 11, 2018 (Sun.), please get the opportunity to show your talent!


Love | Peace


1. Students who currently enroll at senior high schools, universities, colleges. (Including new graduate, graduated less than a year and postgraduate.)

2. Individual or group. Group maximum of 3 persons, 1 will register the group.

Submission Information

1. Apply online only. Please complete the payment first. Register username then submit the information at

2. After finishing the register processes, the co-organizer will send “register successfully” by email to the applicant in 3 days.

3.The participants who still lack required information will be reminded to “complete” by email or phone, if the requirements haven’t been submitted complete, the qualification will be seen as forfeit voluntarily.

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