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AFW_Artist’s full Wallet

AFW is defined as 'Project to create upcycling profit structure of artist works'.

For design artists, the economic revenue structure is not that diverse.As a result of pursuing new economic activities other than design companies and freelance methods, the framework "Artist's Full Wallet" was established.

First of all, about 10 of the works that poster artists have previously submitted to the Competitions or invited to the exhibition will be submitted to the Artist's Full Wallet (AFW) .

AFW uses the works of artists to produce, promote, and sell designer brand products.Then, some of the proceeds from the products sold will be given to artists who use the products as royalties.

AFW aims to improve the quality of life by utilizing the works of artists in their daily lives, and for design artists to make even a little money with their works. AFW is planning more than 100 designer brand products, including:

Large categories include Design stationery, Digital miscellaneous goods, Travel leisure sports products, Small furniture, Fabric goods, Interior accessories, Small household appliances, Bag, Shoes, Fashion clothes.

To take a subclassification as an example:

Tote bags, Laptop pouch, Wallets( Card wallet, Money clip, Business card wallet, Coin wallet), Poster frame, T-Shirts and Caps, Shopping bags, Cushions, Cell phone cases, Desk calendar, Backpacks, Name tag, Masks, Passport Covers, Art rugs, Roll screens, Cushion Blankets, Fabric Posters, Small tray, Scarf, Snickers, Art Diary, Shower curtain, Artistic Partitions etc.

The AFW project involves 110 poster design artists from 45 countries around the world.

CEO / Founder: Christopher Han from South Korea


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